Close Encounters

Will today be the day?  Five years since the market finally accepted the reality of the financial crisis, we’re almost back to where we started. We had a reversal at the .618 Fib, the .786 Fib (for a Gartley Pattern), the .886 Fib (for a Bat Pattern) and are now approaching a double-top triple-top. What … continue reading →

Happy Birthday to Us

Today marks one year since opened its cyber doors for business.  Over that year, I’ve written 351 posts with around 526,500 words (War and Peace has 560,000) which is the equivalent of about 2,100 double-spaced pages.  I’ve saved 5,976 charts (1.05 GB) of the 9,375 constructed. ThinkorSwim is thinking about naming a server after … continue reading →

Anatomy of a Top: 2000

The 2000 top shows just how “messy” tops can be.  Here’s the finished picture in perfect hind-sight.  It’s a very crowded chart, but every single pattern had a say in how the top unfolded. SPX had zoomed from 442 to 1478 in about 5 years, a not-too-shabby 234% gain for an annually compounded 27%. Once … continue reading →

Charts I’m Watching: Mar 21, 2013

ORIGINAL POST:  9:25 AM The EURUSD is still trying to change trajectories (purple channel to red), but hasn’t been able to break out yet. The dollar is similarly facing a change in direction if the red channel can hold. Judging from the futures, SPX is set to react off the neckline and TL we’ve been … continue reading →

Charts I’m Watching: Mar 20, 2012

The ECB will do “whatever it takes”, which I guess now translates into strong-arming the Russians into bailing out Cyprus.  Still no break out on the EURUSD, though. It makes sense to play along with the upside, but keep stops close.  It’s questionable whether this rally will have any legs. The dollar looks like it’s finding … continue reading →

Mad Men, Liars and Thieves

The surveys are coming!  Check your inbox later tonight for a survey regarding and a new managed fund under consideration.  Not yet on the mailing list?  CLICK HERE. Friday marks one-year anniversary of the new (I can finally stop calling it that.)  Despite all the twists and turns, it’s been a pretty successful … continue reading →