A New Old Analog

Our resolve was severely tested with two huge “pop and drops” in a row, but we were rewarded by reaching the upper end of our target range (SPX 1405.45) yesterday, closing our shorts from last week and opening a long position. There is still downside exposure to about 1400 intra-day (the unfinished little Crab to … continue reading →

Same Tune?

As we expected, yesterday’s pre-opening rally failed and new lows were reached by the end of the day — though we didn’t quite reach the upper end of our target range on SPX.   Here we are, 24 hours later, looking at pretty much the same set up. The eminis are up 9 points, the … continue reading →

Here Comes the Boom

ORIGINAL POST:  4:10 AM I posted this chart early Friday morning, knowing full well that in order for EURUSD to follow our forecast… equities might not. Thanks to the miracle of after-hours trading, the EURUSD has kindly tagged our target “c?” and has rebounded — all without a nasty hit to equities prices which look … continue reading →