Managing Expectations

ORIGINAL POST:  10:15 AM Got stopped out on the opening this morning (1408.90) and immediately shorted. How low can we go?  I see support at 1398-1399, and will consider covering or setting stops there. Depending on your point of view, Lockhart was testing the market’s reaction/letting us down easy/managing our expectations.  And, the market reacted … continue reading →

Sleeping Soundly

Reposted from last night: Yesterday, I ran into a friend (and member here) who was trying to develop a strategy for the rest of the week; we got to talking about various approaches. I know I wrote this numerous times last week, but it bears repeating: if you’re not a gambler, stay out of this … continue reading →

Through the Looking Glass

We’re all familiar “good news is good” and “bad news is good.”  Are you ready for “good news is bad?”  In a sign that things are becoming curiouser and curiouser, slightly better than expected employment numbers and flash PMI have sent the market down this morning.  Bullard, a non-voting Fe governor, made things worse by … continue reading →