H&S Warning

Note:  only six charter memberships are left as of EOD Thursday.  I’ll keep this going until they’re gone.  Congratulations to E.J., P.B. and T.J. for locking in today’s annual rate for the life of the site! ORIGINAL POST:  10:30 AM It’s a real crapfest on the headlines front:  JPMChase is likely facing a trading loss … continue reading →

Channel Watch

ORIGINAL POST:  9:25 AM We’ve been studying a growing channel on SPX since 1266.  If this morning’s futures action carries through into the opening and takes prices out of the channel, I’ll consider dumping our longs. Here’s what I’m watching: It’s a little early to say, but the SPX channel might also morph into a … continue reading →

How to Use Pebblewriter

I had dinner with one of our members the other day and got what I think is some great advice: explain how one might best use pebblewriter.com. General Orientation First, I believe in market timing.  While certainly not definitive proof, our performance over the past three months makes a good argument.  A hypothetical, unleveraged portfolio … continue reading →

The Answer is No

I have no inside information, no best friend in the Fed, no hotline to Cramer.  I’m as surprised as anyone that we keep closing within a few pennies of our forecast. I mean, I believe in harmonics and chart patterns and technical analysis — overlayed with common sense.  And, I (usually) know when to bail … continue reading →