Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

Futures made a valiant effort to recover yesterday’s losses, even climbing back above the 10-day moving average by the close after coming within a few points of our 3336.50 target. But, the selloff continued overnight, with ES shedding about 30 points from the close before beginning the obligatory recovery as the open approaches, egged on … continue reading →

When Will News Begin to Matter Again?

Apparently AAPL slashing guidance is inconsequential and Bill Gates, who is predicting 10 million deaths, is some sort of conspiracy theorist – because the market continues to ignore the coronavirus story. Perhaps somewhere down the line the investing world will come to realize what we’ve known for years: stocks have become increasingly easy to manipulate. … continue reading →

A New Day, Same Old Nonsense

It’s a strange phenomenon: the more serious the coronavirus threat, the more strenuous the efforts to prop up stocks. After headlines such as those below, the market has no business being in positive territory. CDC director: Novel coronavirus ‘is probably with us beyond this season, beyond this year’ Coronavirus Live Updates: China Says 1,700 Medical … continue reading →